Roseville Pottery Books

Books about Roseville are the easiest and least expensive way to learn, but, as with any art object, there is no substitute for hands-on experience. The following books, listed in order of first publication, were used in the preparation of our exhibit: Roseville America’s Decorative Art Pottery and are all recommended:

Roseville Pottery Books

Art Pottery of the United States by Paul Evans, Feingold and Lewis Publishing Corp., New York, NY (1974, 1987). The authoritative guide to American Art Pottery companies, it includes a useflil summary of Roseville’s early history.

The Collectors Encyclopedia of Roseville Pottery (two volumes) by Sharon and Bob Huxford, Collector Books, Paducah, KY (1976.) These important books provided the best information and photographic overview of Roseville for many years. They remain a valuable resource for collectors. Includes a price guide.

Collectors’ Compendium of Roseville Pottery (two volumes to date) by Randall B. Monsen, Monsen and Baer, Vienna, VA, (1995, 1997). Each volume includes photographs and thorough discussions of six Roseville lines. Both volumes have original, in-depth analysis on company history, Frank Ferrell, the Roseville style, identification and valuing, and more. Includes a price guide for the lines covered.

Roseville in All Its Splendor by Jack and Nancy Bomm, L-W Book Sales, Gas City, IN (1998). This book uses photographs of original catalog pages and ads to provide the most comprehensive overview of Roseville products to date. Many forms not pictured in other references can be found in this book along with the critical factory numbers. Establishes new production dates for several lines. Includes a price guide.

Introducing Roseville Pottery by Mark Bassett, Schiffer, Arglen, PA (1999). This new reference provides valuable information and insights for beginning pottery! Roseville collectors. It will also be of great interest to veteran collectors because Mr. Bassett suggests heretofore-unknown Roseville products and different production dates and names for several lines.

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