Anna Pottery & Stoneware

Anna Pig

Union County, Illinois

The following is an article reprinted from the “Stoneware & Pottery Enthusiasts Guild of America” website by their kind permission.

 History of the Anna Pottery

by Greg Mathis from the Stoneware & Pottery Enthusiast Guild of America

Cornwall Kirkpatrick with brother Wallace, and father Andrew Sr., relocated to Anna from Mound City in the winter of 1858 and fired their first ware the following spring. Continue reading “Anna Pottery & Stoneware”

Sascha Brastoff

Born 1918 – Died 1993
Los Angeles, California

Presentation from March 1998 by Dennis Hopp and Nicol Knappen

Sascha BrastoffSascha Brastoff had a full and eventful life that is reflected in his ceramic artistry. The decorative motifs found in his work range from the whimsical to the erotic.

While his work indisputably falls within the mid-century aesthetic standard, it often bypasses the conventions of the era. Continue reading “Sascha Brastoff”

Century House Pottery

Century House plate and dish

Madison Wisconsin

Century House was the name of a Madison, Wisconsin tavern building, originally erected in 1836. In October of 1948, Priscilla Jane Scalbom purchased the building for $6,000.

A Madison high school art teacher who had been educated at the Art Institute of Chicago, Scalbom began a pottery production and retail operation which she called Century House, after the building. In 1949, Scalbom married Max Howell, another potter, who had learned the craft in California. Continue reading “Century House Pottery”

Pottery Companies

Since 1999, through our research, annual shows and presentations at our monthly meetings, the Wisconsin Pottery Association has gathered information and examples related to many pottery companies.

We share this information for the benefit of our members and other pottery collectors and enthusiasts.

Here is an alphabetical listing of potteries that are (or will be) featured on this site.

Note: We are actively in the process of reorganizing and updating our website content. Information, galleries, and details of past shows and presentations will appear again soon.  Please revisit! Thank you for your patience.

Anna’s Pottery’s
Sascha Brastoff
Brush / Brush-McCoy
Century House Pottery
Camark Pottery
Clewell Pottery
Cowen Pottery
Dryden Pottery
Haeger Pottery
Hull House Kilns hyalyn Porcelain Madison Ceramic Arts
Morton Pottery
Muncie Pottery
Norse Pottery
George Ohr
Pauline Pottery
Pewabic Pottery
Pine Ridge Pottery
Purinton Pottery
Red Wing
Rosemeade Pottery
Sleepy Eye
Wahpeton Pottery
Early Wisconsin Stoneware

Pottery by State

North Carolina Pottery
North Dakota Pottery
Ohio Pottery
Wisconsin Pottery

Studio Pottery

Ephraim Faience
Kurt Wild

Clewell Pottery

Canton, Ohio

The content below is a report on the Clewell Pottery presentation made by member Betsy Knutzen in February 2000.

Clewell is one of those potteries for which there is very little printed information. Betty went back through old journals seeking data for her talk. The following is a bit of what she learned and presented to the WPA. Continue reading “Clewell Pottery”

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The 2018 American Art Pottery Assoc. Convention is being held at Iowa State University, in Ames, Iowa from Wednesday, April 25th thru Saturday, April 28th, 2018. Several members of WPA are attending.

Thursday and Friday there will be seminars. Convention Registered Members can visit their Show and Sale after it is set up on Friday evening.

AAPA Show and Sale open to the public on Saturday April 28th, from 9 AM to 4 PM.

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Weller Pottery

Fultonham & Zanesville Ohio

The Weller Pottery was the first mass producer of art pottery. Samuel Weller was known for hiring great artists, and for his innovations. However, he also produced many so-called “mutant” pots – strange glazes and odd glazes for a given pot type.

At the March 2001 WPA meeting Chris Swart gave a wonderful presentation on Weller Art Pottery.  Chris also organized our 2001 Show and Sale Exhibit on Weller and Company. Continue reading “Weller Pottery”


American Terra Cotta & Ceramic Company
Gates Potteries
Terra Cotta, Illinois

William D. Gates founded the company to make architectural terra cotta and also created an art pottery called “Teco” ware which was first made public in 1901.

Continue reading “Teco”

Sleepy Eye Pottery

Made for the
Sleepy Eye Milling Company
Sleepy Eye, Minnesota

By the Weir (later Western Stoneware)
Monmouth Illinois

Note: We are actively in the process of reorganizing and updating our website content. Information, galleries, and details of past shows and presentations will appear again soon.  Please revisit! Thank you for your patience.