Pottery Companies

Since 1999, through our research, annual shows and presentations at our monthly meetings, the Wisconsin Pottery Association has gathered information and examples related to many pottery companies.

We share this information for the benefit of our members and other pottery collectors and enthusiasts.

Here is an alphabetical listing of potteries that are (or will be) featured on this site.

Note: We are actively in the process of reorganizing and updating our website content. Information, galleries, and details of past shows and presentations will appear again soon.  Please revisit! Thank you for your patience.

Anna’s Pottery’s
Sascha Brastoff
Brush / Brush-McCoy
Century House Pottery
Camark Pottery
Clewell Pottery
Cowen Pottery
Dryden Pottery
Haeger Pottery
Hull House Kilns hyalyn Porcelain Madison Ceramic Arts
Morton Pottery
Muncie Pottery
Norse Pottery
George Ohr
Pauline Pottery
Pewabic Pottery
Pickard Pine Ridge Pottery
Pittsville Purinton Pottery
Red Wing
Rosemeade Pottery
Sleepy Eye Teco Wahpeton Pottery
Weller Early
Wisconsin Stoneware

Pottery by State

North Carolina Pottery
North Dakota Pottery
Ohio Pottery
Wisconsin Pottery

Studio Pottery

Ephraim Faience
Kurt Wild