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American Art Pottery Association - To promote an interest understanding, appreciation, and recognition of American Art Pottery To unify and strengthen the voice of collectors and dealers of American art pottery To foster a members' Code of Ethics for buying, selling, exhibiting and publishing about American Art Pottery. 

American Ceramic Society - The world's leading organization dedicated to the advancement of ceramics.

Arkansas Pottery Association - This link has information on the pottery of Arkansas.  Information on Camark, Rumrill, Ouachita and Niloak  

Art Pottery Manufacturers - The site is dedicated to helping to sustain the remaining Art Pottery companies.

Brush & Brush-McCoy


Canadian Pottery - A starting point for information Canadian Pottery is the Canadian Pottery Identifier .  Another site contains  history of nineteenth century Canadian Pottery, its from the Canadian Museum of Civilization at  http://www.civilization.ca/membrs/canhist/poterie/po20e.html .  Another site that talks about the history of Medicine Hat, Alberta's many factories of pottery & clay products.  http://digitalfire.com/medalta/

Chipstone Foundation - Located in Milwaukee Wisconsin, the foundation is focused on the decorative arts.  Portions of their renowned collections of early American furniture, British pottery, and American historical prints and maps are displayed at the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Chazen Museum (formerly Elvehjem) in Madison Wisconsin.  They also publish Ceramics in America is an interdisciplinary annual journal that examines the role of historical ceramics in the American context.

Dinnerware - This site has pictures of many dinnerware patterns from Metlox, Franciscan, Russel Wright, Red Wing, Vernon, Frankoma, Pfaltzgraff, Royal, Taylor Smith Taylor, Weil Ware, Winfield, Ben Seibe, Raymond Loewy, Lenox, Syracuse, La Solana, Tamac, Western, Country and others.  A must see!

Fiesta Pottery - A great site for information on Fiesta, the history, color charts and dates of production.  http://www3.edgenet.net/rlsteeves/index.htm
Another great site is http://www.fiestafanatic.com
Homer Laughlin's website is http://www.hlchina.com/ where you can get color charts with their years of production, pictures of items, mold lists & dates.

Flow Blue - Pictures & history about Flow Blue pottery and china. http://www.myantiquemall.com/flowblue/flowblue.html

Folk Pottery Museum of Northeast Georgia - Showcases the handcraft kills of one of the South's premiere grassroots art forms and explores the historical importance and change role of folk pottery in southern life.  http://www.folkpotterymuseum.com

Franciscan Pottery - Web site for the official Franciscan Newsletter and Collectors Club http://gmcb.com/franciscan/ .  Another site that discusses the Apple line of dinnerware is http://www.greatcollectibles.com/apple.html

Fort Dodge Stoneware Collectors Society - A group interested in the potteries and stoneware companies that existed in the Midwest in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art - Located in Toronto Canada.  The Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art is the first museum in North America devoted to ceramics and ceramic research.

Ginfor's Antiques - Has a marvelous wealth of information on West German Pottery with a quick primer and an extensive list of marks.

Gouda Pottery - Great site for marks, dates and pictures.

Haeger Pottery - A discussion group about Haeger Pottery

Hall Pottery

Hall China Company - Since 1903 has been producing china for restaurants & for the home.  They also sell select retail items.   Eva Zeisel design several of their dinnerware lines.

Hall China Collectors -  Great resource for information on Hall.

Hall Pottery - The Carnegie Library tells the story of how the Hall Pottery was born from the inoperative East Liverpool Potteries Company and how it became a successful company that is still in business today due to its perfection of a single firing process.

Fifteen Facts About Hall China - Nice article from About.com.

Haviland Pottery  


Homer Laughlin Pottery - The Carnegie Library tells the story of how the the pottery was started by brothers who won a competition from the city council to produce white ware.  It describes how the pottery grew into one of the largest companies in the world.

Hull Pottery Association -  Founded in 1993 with the mission to preserve, educate, and promote Hull Pottery, its collectors, and its heritage. The Hull Pottery Association will support and promote the collection of Hull Pottery by soliciting new memberships, conducting shows and sales on a regional and national basis, and identifying and strengthening relationships with antique dealers who prominently show and sell Hull Pottery.

Iowa Art Pottery Association -  Dedicated to the aesthetic appreciation of art pottery.

Just Art Pottery - This website has been selling on-line since 1997 and sells quality American art pottery. Their online store has an inventory of over 600 items featuring Antique American & Contemporary Art Pottery.

Love Field Pottery - This website has history on Love Field pottery from Dallas Texas.  The website was created to this will enable others who collect or are interesting in collecting to exchange or gain information relevant to Love Field.

Madison Ceramic Arts

CAS Collectors Society - A group of people with a common interest in Ceramic Arts Studio.

Ceramic Arts Studio: The Legacy of Betty Harrington - is the authoritative book by Tim Holthaus, Jim Petzold and Donald-Brian Johnson.  Information about the book, the authors & a nice history of the pottery is available.

McCoy Pottery


Mr Bottles - Has an extensive listing of over 100 clay beer bottles made in Wisconsin from 1850 until the turn of the century.  The listings include name, location and pictures of many.  Be sure to read the introduction to clay bottles because it contains information about how they were made, of what materials, the markings and much more.  Recently added were pictures of Wisconsin Antique Stoneware.

Newcomb Pottery - History about this New Orleans pottery and college with information about some of the artists.

Ohio Potteries (for more links on Ohio Potteries click on Ohio Potteries)

The Potteries of East Liverpool, Ohio - The Carnegie Library has assembled a complete listing of all the potteries that operated in the area (over 300!), with their locations & years of operations.  The following firms are from that area:  Homer Laughlin, Sterling China, Pioneer Pottery, W.C. Bunting Company, Hall & Harker, http://www.carnegie.lib.oh.us/potteries.htm   At the bottom of the page is listing of when potteries started business by  year and in alphabetical order.

Ohio Museum of Ceramics - Information & hours on this museum.  http://www.ohiohistory.org/places/ceramics/

Oklahoma Institute for Ceramic Arts - Located in Sapula OK, the institute goals are to promote awareness & appreciation of the history, heritage and the on-going tradition of making of pottery and cermaic arts through educational programs, public service, collection, preservatation & research.  Other goals are the preservation of the Frank Home & the creation of a museum.  www.oklahomapotterymuseum.org

Overbeck Pottery - Overbeck Pottery was produced in Cambridge City, Indiania from 1911 & 1955.  A free museum is located at the basement of the Cambridge library at 33 West Main Street.  Below is their website with more information: http://www.waynet.org/nonprofit/overbeck.htm  
A book on Overbeck is published by Western Wayne Heritage, Inc. and is available at the link below: http://www.globalsite.net/wwh/Overbeck.htm

Pewabic Pottery

Pewabic Pottery Founded in 1903 during the height of the Arts & Crafts Movement in America, Pewabic Pottery is today a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of the Arts & Crafts ideals while advancing contemporary ceramic arts through its full curriculum of educational programs, its support of individual artists, outreach to various communities, and leadership in the exhibition of contemporary and historic collections and archiving of scholarly research.

Pewabic Pottery Video - September 2007 video of the showroom & parts of the production areas.

Painting with Fire - The University of Michigan Museum of Art - Pewabic Vessels in the Margaret Watson Parker Collection Published on the occasion of an exhibition at the University of Michigan Museum of Art September 23, 1995 - January 7, 1996.  Features over 50 items thoroughly crossed reference. http://www.si.umich.edu/chico/Pewabic/cover.html

The People Mover - Detroit's elevated train system.  Located at many of the stations are ceramic installation, including several related to Pewabic.  An interesting installation is the Cadillac Center station or #11 that uses Pewabic tile from 1935 that were intended to be used in a Stroh Brewery, but were never used. Other stations feature Pewabic or ceramic tiles are  #1, #2, #3, #6, #7, #8, #12

Polia Pillin - Started learning ceramics at Hull House in Chicago, after becoming a recognized painter.  Moving to Los Angeles in 1948, she & her husband established a pottery studio in their garage.   http://www.poliapillin.com

 Red Wing

Red Wing Collectors Society - The Red Wing Collectors Society, Inc. is an organization which promotes the collection of Red Wing and American pottery. Founded in 1977, the society has over 7000 members in 48 states, Canada and England.

Red Wing Dinnerware - An impressive website listing & showing all of the  dinnerware lines.  Included brochures and other information.

Red Wing Trading Post - A reference point on Red Wing Pottery due to the large variety of items shown.  Basic information about Red Wing is also available.

Wing Tips - This site is committed to antique Red Wing Artware (pottery), Dinnerware, Stoneware (crocks/crockery) and, frankly, anything else associated with Red Wing. If it's not Red Wing we don't have it!

Town & Country - This site is devoted to the Town & Country line of dinnerware produced by Red Wing & designed by Eva Zeisel.

Robinson Ransbottom Pottery Company

Rosemeade Pottery

North Dakota Pottery Association has an article on Rosemeade and it is available here.

"Collector's Encyclopedia of Rosemeade Pottery" by Darlene Hurst Dommel is available at http://www.collectorsbooks.com/rospot.html
This comprehensive guide contains over 25 years of research. Interviews with many former employees contributed to the thoroughly investigated text. Vintage photographs, museum information, end notes, bibliography, and index are included. Over 800 full-color photos from several extensive collections document the impressive product variety. Featured pieces range from mass-produced wares to rare, one-of-a-kind examples. Detailed captions, measurements, and estimated values accompany the photographs. Several categories of cross-market collectibles are shown. These include banks, television lamps, bells, jewelry, bookends, wall pockets, ashtrays, and more.


Roseville Pottery Historical Marker Video - Dedication ceremony in 2007 in Zanesville Ohio which was brought about by the efforts of the Iowa Art Pottery Association.

The Roseville Exchange - This site is dedicated to helping the public spot reproduction (fake) Roseville Pottery.  The site has tons of examples showing a fake & real example side by side. http://www.ohioriverpottery.com/roseville_exchange/roseville.html 

Reynolda House, Museum of American Art   Examples, such as Teco, Rookwood & Overbeck, from their collection.

Stahl's Pottery - A redware produced in a traditional Pennsylvania German style from 1850 until 1956.  A non-profit group is working to preserve the bee-hive wood-fired kilns.

Stangl  - The online encyclopedia of Stangl Pottery.  Very nicely done site with lots and lots of examples and photos.

Stoneware and Pottery Enthusiasts Guild of America - is dedicated to communicating and sharing information on American stoneware, potteries, and potters of the 19th and early 20th centuries.  http://members.fortunecity.com/spegagm

Pottery Studio - An English site that is quite informative, with a complete glossary with examples, marks and history on many potteries mainly European.

North American Torquay Society - During the period 1869 to 1970, some 20 potteries of varied size and longevity created hand crafted pottery in the Torquay area of South Devon England. http://torquayus.org   The English Torquay Society's website is http://www.torquaypottery.com/

Terra Cotta Buildings - A website that discusses the firm American Terra Cotta, the architects, the production of Terra Cotta tiles and Teco pottery.

TV Lamps - The name says it all!  Learn about  the history & manufacturers of TV Lamps, many from the well known pottery manufacturers.  Plenty of pictures & info!

Uhl Pottery - History & marks of this Huntingburg Indiana pottery.  http://www.uhlcollectors.org/

Vernon Kilns - A great site that shows off the plaid dinnerware, with history and ads from this Californian pottery.  http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/6027/   The second site, features an extensive visual reference to many of the patterns and lots of info http://www.colling.com/ .  Vernon Kilns was purchased by Metlox in 1958.

Wade Pottery - A bit of information on Wade Pottery. http://www.greatcollectibles.com/wade.html

Watt Pottery - The first World Wide Web Page Dedicated solely to the Identification and Preservation of Watt Pottery http://www.execpc.com/~wmhill/

Weller Pottery

Weller History - An article about Weller Pottery at Collectics.com . http://www.collectics.com/education_weller.html

Pottery Studio - A history article with links to some examples.  Interesting link to information on Charlotte Rhead, the sister of Frederich H Rhead a designer at Weller. http://www.studiopottery.com/potteries/wellerpottery.html

Eva Zeisel - A designer of dinnerware for Red Wing & Hall.     
Eva Zeisel Collector's Club  - This is a great starting point for more information on this designer.  http://www.evazeisel.org/
Eva Zeisel Exhibit - A recently closed exhibit at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University.showed molds & examples.  http://ceramicsmuseum.alfred.edu/eva/zeisel.html   
Town & Country - Another site that shows an extensive listing & pictures of the Town & Country dinnerware:  http://www.mindspring.com/~dway/town.html