Past Shows

Our Exhibits and the year they were held

For many years we curated an exhibit to be held during the Annual Show and Sale. Here is a list of the topics of those past exhibits. We will add galleries from those exhibits as well, so do revisit this page.

2010: Wisconsin Art Pottery – 1930 to 2010

2009: Rookwood – America’s Finest

2008: Pauline & the Pottery of Edgerton, Wisconsin

2007: Fulper, Clifton & More – The Art Pottery of New Jersey

2006: Art Deco and Modern Style Ceramics: 1910-1940

2005: The Mission Style: How the Arts & Crafts Movement Influenced American Pottery 1900-1920

2004: The French Connection: Impressionism in French and American Pottery 1873-1900

2003: Ohio Spectrum

2002: The Red Wing Legacy: Stoneware, Art Ware and Dinnerware

2001: Weller & Company

2000: Clay & Craft: The Art Pottery of Illinois

1999: Roseville America’s Decorative Art Pottery

1998: Haeger:  The Early And The Extraordinary

1997: Wisconsin Pottery

1996: Madison Ceramic Arts