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Wisconsin Pottery

Pauline Pottery Vase

The Potteries of Wisconsin were the reason why the Wisconsin Pottery Association was formed.  This page will eventually contain all of the links related to Wisconsin Pottery.

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Madison Ceramic Arts

CAS Collectors Society - A group of people with a common interest in Ceramic Arts Studio.

Ceramic Arts Studio: The Legacy of Betty Harrington - is the authoritative book by Tim Holthaus, Jim Petzold and Donald-Brian Johnson.  Information about the book, the authors & a nice history of the pottery is available.

Mr Bottles - Has an extensive listing of over 100 clay beer bottles made in Wisconsin from 1850 until the turn of the century.  The listings include name, location and pictures of many.  Be sure to read the introduction to clay bottles because it contains information about how they were made, of what materials, the markings and much more.  Recently added were pictures of Wisconsin Antique Stoneware.

Wisconsin Academy Review - An article on the Arts & Craft movement in Wisconsin and how it effected the production of crafts on a commercial scale, it includes information on Susan Frackelton, Pauline, Norse, American (later Edgerton) Art Clay Works and Pickard.  It also shows pottery being made at the Northland College in Ashland.

Pauline Jacobus from Wikipedia.