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Wisconsin Pottery Association 2007 Exhibit
August 25, 2007

The Wisconsin Pottery Association started working on the 2007 exhibit at the 2006 Show & Sale.  Members ask dealers and each other what they would like to see.  After some discussion over the fall, the group started to come together on having Fulper as the subject of the exhibit.  At first there was the debate if we could bring together an all Fulper show.  It was determined that we could do an all Fulper show, just like our past single company shows on Roseville and Weller.  Others then talked about the other potteries that could be shown which might never fit in another show.  Others added that it would be a learning experience for many members and the public to include these other potteries.  That was enough to seal the deal to expand the exhibit to include the other potteries of New Jersey.  We hope you'll enjoy our 12th annual show in August of 2007.

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