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The following pictures appeared in WPA Press, Vol. 6, October 2000.  All photos by Kari Kenefick.

Men of the 2000 Exhibit and Sale. Glenn Clark and Scott Grant (left, and center, respectively) display their favorite pottery pieces during the sale August 26. Meanwhile, Jim Petzold stands watch at the Ceramic Arts Society table, sporting his best CAS T-shirt. Glenn, Scott and Jim were all overworked and underpaid, but their efforts resulted in the best Exhibit and Sale to date.

Pottery of the 2000 Exhibit and Sale. Just a few reminders of the fabulous exhibit put together by our Exhibit Committee this year. The bowl on the left is Norse Pottery, the center photo contains pieces attributed to Francis Moody, and on the right is a photo of Eugene Deutsch in his studio making pots, along with several finished pieces by E. Deutsch.

Celebrities of the 2000 Exhibit. WPA's Nicol Knappen looks on, assisting as Burdell Hall (center) speaks at the Exhibit, August 26. Eugene Deutsch's daughter Jayne (right), photographed with her father's pottery, was an unexpected guest for the afternoon.

Volunteers of the 2000 Exhibit and Sale. Tom Ploessl (left), Gordon and Emily Lanphier (center) and Catherine Reichel and Nicol do their time donning those fluorescent vests, at the 2000 Show and Sale.

Dealers of the 2000 Exhibit and Sale. Unidentified, but having a good time, these dealers were happy to pose for a snapshot at our August 26 day of pottery. The woman on the left revealed a lovely Fulper mark (center) on her dark blue bowl.

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