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Pauline Pottery
Chicago Illinois
Edgerton Wisconsin

The following article appeared the WPA Press, Vol. 8, April 2001 
By Kari Kenefick

A Surprise Pauline Piece Comes to the WPA Website

These photos were sent to the Wisconsin Pottery Associationís website for identification. The owner of this vase (who asked to remain anonymous) was looking for confirmation of the vase as a Pauline piece, and any additional information the WPA might have to offer. Several club members weighed in with their impressions of the vaseís possible history.

In February the WPA received an interesting email from a person seeking information on a piece of pottery. The individual sent some lovely pictures and has allowed us to share them with you. This person wishes, for obvious reasons, to remain anonymous.

 As is our practice when such email reaches the webmaster or club officers, we forward it to various club members that might be of assistance in identifying the piece. In this case, several club members commented that they had not seen such a piece or this mark, but felt that the bottom mark was difficult to ignore. Perhaps this is an older piece of Pauline? The original Pauline pottery was founded in Chicago (this piece is marked "Pauline Pottery, Chicago") in 1883, before moving to Edgerton, WI in 1888. 

We are excited to be able to share these photographs with you, thanks to the owner of this vase! Many thanks too to our club members that rendered their expert judgments as to the age and origins of this piece

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