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Project update - April/May 2000

cabin-after.jpg (69110 bytes)
All that remains at the original site!  Can you help move it?

The first phase of the restoration project is complete with the dismantling of the cabin last fall.  Phase two is taking shape with the pouring of a concrete slab in "Clay Pit Heritage Park".  The city of Edgerton has included in the City Master Plan the new location for the Pauline Pottery Cabin at the end of Swift Street Alley, near the pond and the original clay pits.  

The restoration project is a unique combination of volunteer work & fundraising.  The first goal is to have work done on a volunteer basis.  If a volunteer can't be found, fundraising will be needed.  Currently a volunteer is needed to move the fireplace from the original site to the new location.  Pictured above is the fireplace.  If you can help with this please contact Rick Peterson at (608) 884-8888.  Or email the group at pauline-cabin@wisconsinpottery.org

Next is the fundraising for the door & windows of the cabin.  There is one door available at $500 & six windows at $300 each.  As of May 1, 2000 three of the windows have been sponsored.  The WPA is working on sponsoring a window by collecting funds at the meetings.  The Rock County Historical Society has donated a show case.  Future needs will be listed here.

If you would like to send a donation, it can be sent directly to:

ACE Log Cabin Account
Band of Edgerton
102 North Main Street
Edgerton WI 53534

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