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The following article appeared the WPA Press, Vol. 3, January 2000 

Arts Council of Edgerton Projects Update

 Ori-anne Pagel recently updated us on the projects being undertaken by the Edgerton Arts Council (ACE) and members of the WPA. The Pauline Jacobus log cabin was moved from it's original site over several weekends during the month of October. Brush around the area was first removed before the cabin was thoroughly photographed. The parts of the cabin were numbered and the roof, windows and doors removed before the logs were removed. The various parts of the cabin are being stored until they can be reassembled in early Spring of 2000. All the work of cleaning the area and moving the logs was done by volunteers including WPA members Betty and Dave Knutzen and Ori-anne and Paul Pagel. The fireplace still needs to be moved and will be moved intact after the concrete slab is poured on the new site downtown. Cost estimates to complete the slab, move the fireplace and rebuild the cabin are approximately $10,000. The long term plan is to rebuild the cabin, obtain a historical marker for the site, acquire the original pottery barn and build a museum to house a collection of Pauline pottery. 

On December 8th ACE is hosting visitors from the Wisconsin Arts Board, Local Arts Agency and the State Humanities Agency to discuss grant possibilities. ACE is involved in so many different arts outreach programs that there are always many worthy projects which compete for grant dollars. Recently, the WPA donated $150 to ACE specifically for use in the Pauline Jacobus log cabin project. 

According to Ori-anne ACE credits the WPA as being instrumental in getting this project started and is grateful for our continuing support. WPA, through it's involvement with the initial tour, letters, our website, physical help and donation, has been instrumental in pushing this project forward in the busy agenda of the ACE. Ori-anne specifically noted that the reason the city granted the building site downtown was due to Rick Dexter's support and commitment in helping to get a historical marker for the Pauline Pottery. 

The WPA is proud of it's members who are participating in making this dream come true. Special thanks go out to Paul and Ori-anne Pagel, Dave and Betty Knutzen and Rick Dexter. 

If you would like to participate by sending a monetary gift a special Log Cabin Project Account has been set up with the Bank of Edgerton, Main Street, Edgerton, WI, 53534.

--Barbara Huhn, WPA President

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