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North Dakota Pottery

rosemeade-2618584307-01.jpg (27711 bytes)
This is 12" pheasant hen made by Rosemeade.

North Dakota has a rich heritage of pottery production.  In addition to the Native American pottery, there was pottery produced at Three Tribes Stoneware, Dickota Pottery by Dickinson Clay Products, Ceramics by Messer, Rosemeade Pottery by Wahpeton Pottery Company, Turtle Mountain Indian Pottery, University of North Dakota Pottery, WPA Ceramics and Little Heart Ceramics by L& H Manufacturing.

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North Dakota Pottery Collectors Society is an organization, which was created to enhance collecting interest in the types of pottery made in North Dakota.

Margaret Kelly Cable - The University of North Dakota has papers about this influential teacher at the school.  She made numerous presentations & exhibits, including an exhibit at the 1933 Chicago World's Fair.

North Dakota History: Journal of the Northern Plains has been published since 1926, and has published many articles on the pottery of North Dakota.  Back issues are available and the articles are listed.


North Dakota Pottery Association has an article on Rosemeade and it is available here.

"Collector's Encyclopedia of Rosemeade Pottery" by Darlene Hurst Dommel is available at http://www.collectorsbooks.com/rospot.html
This comprehensive guide contains over 25 years of research. Interviews with many former employees contributed to the thoroughly investigated text. Vintage photographs, museum information, end notes, bibliography, and index are included. Over 800 full-color photos from several extensive collections document the impressive product variety. Featured pieces range from mass-produced wares to rare, one-of-a-kind examples. Detailed captions, measurements, and estimated values accompany the photographs. Several categories of cross-market collectibles are shown. These include banks, television lamps, bells, jewelry, bookends, wall pockets, ashtrays, and more.