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Issue No. VIII    April 2001

Spring Has Sprung! (letter from the President) A Lovely Old Piece of Pauline Pottery Comes to the WPA's Website
WPA 2001 Schedule In Memoriam: Remembering WPA Member Emily Landphierr
Purinton Pottery by Jim Tyne Pauline Log Cabin Update and Volunteer Solicitation
Pine Ridge Pottery by Peter Flaherty Aucton of Dave Auclair's Roseville Collection Announced
Weller Pottery by Chris Swart The WPA Logo Reviewed

Spring has Sprung
...and it finds the WPA working on a number of membership issues. At our February meeting it was agreed that we would place some ads in local print media to advertise our monthly meetings and speakers. Chris Swart placed several WI State Journal ads, which resulted in at least four news faces at the March meeting. 

In addition the club will be printing some new tri-fold cards that provide information about the club, an enrollment form and a "please send information" form. I found myself a little nervous at the prospect of increasing the WPA membership, but during the February meeting we were all in agreement that growth is essential to continuing the WPA's tradition of education and knowledge dissemination. We need new members to keep up with all the club's activities. A number of times already this year issues have come up that require volunteers and we simply have not had the people power to cover those tasks. 

For instance, we are looking for someone to continue the book sales that Tim Holthaus has provided for the past 5–7 years. Club members have been able to purchase pottery identification books at reduced prices by placing bulk orders (6 or more books per order). Several members expressed interest in the club continuing to provide this service, but thus far no one has stepped up to volunteer their time and energy. 

I’ve seen firsthand that it is also difficult to find people willing to volunteer as club officers. The executive committee is composed of a vice-president, secretary, treasurer and president. We look for a new vice-president each fall; that person becomes president after serving the VP role. This is a good means of learning how the club works and seeing the excellent support staff that is in place. But it is hard to find someone willing to make this two year commitment. As Barb Huhn pointed out last year, it is not a difficult job because the support staff (our unofficial officers) are such good help. However, officers do have an additional monthly meeting to attend. 

As we move towards the summer months the signups for the annual show and sale will be passed to you at our meetings. Please continue to be as generous as you have been in the past, in helping with this exciting, pottery-filled day. Maybe you’ll invite a non-WPA friend to help as well. And won’t you consider other ways to help the club continue promoting art pottery in all it’s beautiful forms? 

Last but not least, monthly WPA Executive Committee meetings are usually held the first Thursday of each month. We generally meet at CJs Restaurant on Atlas Avenue. All club members are welcome to attend. Please contact Kari (or Scott Grant, Glenn Clark or Tim Zinkgraf) for more specific meeting information.

Kari Kenifick, WPA President

2001 WPA Calendar
April 10 - Pickard Pottery by Gloria Groh and Victor Groh
May 8 - Tour of an Arts & Crafts House 
June 12 - Pittsville Oral History Update by Ed Arnold & Dave and Betty Knutzen
July 10 - WPA Picnic 
August 25 - Annual WPA Exhibit and Sale 
September 11 -  The History of Pauline and other Edgerton Potteries by Mark Scarborough
October 9 - Contemporary Native American Pottery by Ervin Bublitz 
November 13 - Galena Pottery (or Blue & White) by Bill Engel (to be confirmed) 
December 4 - WPA Holiday Party (the first Tuesday in December)

Auction of Dave Auclair's Pottery Collection To Be Held In May
The following Press Release was received just as the newsletter was going to press. Several of our members were personal friends of Dave's and were aware of this information. It seemed that the rest of the membership should be notified as well as to the date of this auction, as well as to the importance placed by pottery collectors at large on Dave's collection.

For Immediate Release
March 30, 2001 

The Roseville Collection of David L. Auclair at Auction David Rago Auctions has announced the sale of the largest and most important collection of Roseville pottery ever brought to auction. The collection of David L. Auclair, of Madison, Wisconsin, includes nearly 2500 pieces which will be offered in 1200 lots over two days, on May 5 and 6 2001 at Rago's Lambertville, NJ auctions house. The lots will be divided as individual pieces, small groupings, and box lots. 

Every Roseville line and form is covered, from early to late periods, with an emphasis on rare middle-period production lines, and rare and one-of-a-kind early experimental pieces as featured in the Huxford's "Roseville Pottery" and Mark Bassett's "Understanding Roseville". Other rarities include Roseville dealer signs, factory lamps, cream-ware pieces, and floor vases. In addition there is a cookie jar collection, over 30 different complete tea and coffee sets, umbrella stands, and exceptional jardinière and pedestal sets, wall pockets, hanging baskets and more. 

Other highlights feature encyclopedic selections of Pinecone (over 250 pieces, especially blue and brown), Falline, Futura, Farella, Baneda, Blackberry, Wisteria and Sunflower, as well as important groupings of Morning Glory, Cherry Blossom, Windsor, Poppy and Bleeding Heart. 

A passion for collecting was only part of David Auclair's life work. He also benefited the art pottery movement with his enthusiasm for people and for sharing knowledge. He was a founding member and first president of the Wisconsin Pottery Association, an active member of the Ceramic Arts Studio Collectors Association and Pottery Lovers, and a pilgrim to Zanesville, Ohio every July. 

The auction house at 333 N. Main St. in Lambertville, NJ will be open for previewing from April 28 - May 4 from noon to 5:00, and on May 5 and 6 from 9:00 to noon; prior to April 28 by appointment only. Bidders may also register at Realbidder.com to participate in real time online. The indexed catalog for this sale, with each vetted lot fully described and photographed in full color, along with presale estimates, will be the essential price guide to Roseville Pottery in the new Millennium

WPA Logo Reviewed
In the January 2001 WPA Press, WPA Webmaster and newly appointed Secretary Tim Zinkgraf presented an idea sent to him via our website, for a new WPA logo. Discussion ensued, both amongst the general membership and the executive committee. Several interesting things were learned during these discussions. None of the current executive committee members knew the history behind our existing WPA logo, or why there is a separate logo used on our annual Exhibit and Sale materials. This information came to the fore as a result of Tim's article. 

The historical WPA logo features the silhouette of an urn-like Pauline pot with handles on either side. Pauline is a highly collectible art pottery that was made in Edgerton, Wisconsin, a source of pride for all Wisconsin art pottery collectors. 

The logo featured on our annual Exhibit and Sale literature, the six different pieces of pottery, is reported to be recognized around the country as representing our annual Show and Sale. One purpose of this very interesting logo is to show the diversity of pottery pieces featured at our annual Sale, lest someone think that we feature only Wisconsin pottery. 

As far as a change in logos, the decision has been made to keep our current Pauline pottery logo (as seen on the masthead of this newsletter) in order to preserve this piece of club history and to make a concerted effort to keep the use of logo consistent on all club literature and on our website. The annual Exhibit and Sale literature will continue to sport the multi-pottery logo it has today, telling all who see it that a diversity of art pottery is represented at our fundraiser. Thanks to WPA Secretary and Webmaster Tim Zinkgraf for raising this issue and bringing this valuable historical perspective to the general membership!

Kari Kenifick

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