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Issue No. XVII    Summer 2003

From the President  The Pottery of Kurt Wild
WPA 2003 Calendar WPA Members Present Ohio Potteries, May 2003
Log Cabin Open House, July 5! Cowan Pottery Presentation
Trip Report: Ceramics of Pablo
About WPA Member Tim Zinkgraf

From the President...

Dear Members: Summer is a lovely time but is passing rapidly and soon our big event of the year, the show, sale and exhibit will be upon us. Everything seems to be proceeding on schedule thanks to the fine work of our members. The publicity in the Red Wing Newsletter looked great and will be repeated in several other publications.

Now the exhibit committee is beginning the work of deciding which pieces should be used to give a good representation of the pottery produced in Ohio during the 20th century. We would like to have from 5 to 15 representative pieces from each of the 20 or so Ohio potteries we have chosen as an example of the range of ceramic work being done in Ohio during the last century. That means we will be needing around 250 or more pieces of pottery for the exhibit.

We appreciate the lists of your pottery you members have made available to us to choose from for the exhibit. We will begin making those choices and contacting you to let you know which of your pieces we would like to include in the exhibit.

If you have any new acquisitions which you think would be good to add to the exhibit, please contact Steve, Nicol, Christine, Rose, Betty or Dave. And if you would like to join the committee, give us a call. We hope this will be another exceptional exhibit that will further educate the public about American Art Pottery. Lets all have fun this summer and another great show August 23.

David Knutzen, WPA President, 2002

2003 WPA Calendar
July - No meeting
August 23 - WPAs 8th Annual Sale and Exhibit featuring Ohio Potteries, 94, Alliant Energy Center, Madison, WI.
September 9 - Haviland Pottery by Art and Eileen Wendt
October 14 - Galena Pottery by Bill Engel
November 11 - Art of the Figurine by Tim Holthaus, Rose Lindner, Elaine Staaland
December 2 - WPA Holiday Party (note that this is the first Tuesday in December)

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