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Issue No. XV    Winter 2003

From the President  Pauline Log Cabin Update by Ori-Anne Pagel
WPA 2003 Calendar Speaking of Pauline...
A New Book on George Ohr An Illinois Art Pottery Exhibit
About WPA Members Bob & Lila Jean Stahnke WPA Member's Favorites, Jan. 2003

From the President...
Dear Members: The 10th Anniversary/Christmas Party was wonderful.  I only wish I had been able to visit with everyone.  Time does fly when having a good time.  Many thanks to Elaine for hosting us in her lovely setting.  It was a very nice ending to 2002 and our first 10 years.

Now onto 2003, which I am certain will be another very good year for the WPA.  The main mission of the WPA has been to educate ourselves and the public about art pottery.  As you know, our show, sale and exhibits have been very successful in educating the public about art pottery as well as generating some of the money needed to pursue our educational goals.  The revenue from the show and sale has allowed us to put on our exhibits, bring in speakers for our meetings, put on other pottery exhibits such as at Cambridge and the 2002 WADA Show, contribute to the Arts Council of Edgerton’s Pauline project as well as buy educational materials for our library.

We have done 8 major exhibits which are a great deal of work but have been wonderful vehicles for educating the public.  We are faced with the challenge of continuing to provide good educational exhibits without stressing the resources of the WPA unduly.  Comprehensive exhibits of one pottery require significant amounts of pottery representing that pottery's output through the years.  We have been fortunate to have had some major donations of pottery and figurines from WPA members and some non-members to make the exhibits possible.  But when we have to go outside the membership for donations we take on a great financial responsibility in case of damage.  Many of the possible exhibits, for example Rookwood, would require a great many donations of very expensive pottery from non-members, which is a great responsibility to take on.

We would also like to have an exhibit that would allow more members to participate in this educational experience.  Hopefully our 2003 Spectrum of Ohio Pottery exhibit will provide the public with a view of the wide spectrum of pottery produced in Ohio in the last century and will also allow more WPA members the opportunity to share their collecting preferences with the public.  Therefore we are hoping the McCoy, Hull, Peters and Reed, Rookwood, Brush, Cowan, Burley Winter, Zanesville Stoneware, RRPC, Shawnee, Gonder, etc. collectors will have a chance to share their cherished pots with the public.  Please look over your shelves of Ohio treasures and let us know what you would like to share with the public next August.

David Knutzen, WPA President, 2002

2003 WPA Calendar
February 11 - Abingdon Pottery by Christine and Jamie Boone
March 11 -  Rosemeade Pottery by Linda and Bill Bakken
April 8 - Wilde Studio Pottery by Kurt Wilde
May 13 - WPA Members Present on Ohio Pottery
June 10 - Cowan Pottery by Steve Schoneck
July - No meeting
August 23 - WPA’s 8th Annual Sale and Exhibit featuring Ohio Potteries, 9–4, Alliant Energy Center, Madison, WI.
September 9 - Haviland Pottery by Art and Eileen Wendt
October 14 - Galena Pottery by Bill Engel
November 11 - Art of the Figurine by Tim Holthaus, Rose Lindner, Elaine Staaland
December 2 - WPA Holiday Party (note that this is the first Tuesday in December)

Pauline Log Cabin Update
Progress is being made on restoring the Pauline Log Cabin in Edgerton, Wisconsin. Ori-Anne Pagel provided the following progress report.

To date we have raised and spent over $25,000.00 of that $14,800.00 is in memorials. We still needed approximately $10,000.00 to complete the restoration of this cabin of the estate of Pauline Jacobus, in Edgerton, home of Pauline Pottery, Norse Pottery, Edgerton Pottery, Rock Pottery, American Art Clay and Pickard China, started by Wilder A. Pickard.

A stone mason is being hired to finish the chimney and fireplace. We also need electricity hooked up to install the security system, the loft and finish floor. The city will landscape Clay Pit Heritage Park but we need to provide the historical marker to place there. ( We need help on this too.)

This mini museum will be ready to open as soon as the building is complete. We have one exhibit display case, large screen VCR , and a bench to sit on to watch the videos of our local history. We borrowed a video on Norse Pottery from the Wisconsin Pottery Association and hope to get a video on Pickard China. During this coming Sesquicentennial year we plan to make other videos, such as on our other potteries and on the history of the cabin itself. We need people to help with this project also. If you are interested or have questions please call (608) 884-6787.

This has been a busy year for fundraising with a recent generous donation of $10,000.00 in memory of Wilder A. Pickard, Pickard Artists and another $500.00 the other day in memory of Alan B. Reed. There are 18 log cabin banks made and placed in local businesses by Tom Goodger of Milton. We have come a long way, but are not done yet.

- Ori-Anne and Paul Pagel, WPA Members, and representatives of the Arts Council of Edgerton and Pauline Log Cabin Restoration Project, Edgerton, WI.

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