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Cowan Pottery
Cleveland, Ohio

Three Cowan vases
Vase to the left is shape #933 & the vase to the right is shape #798
and the vase in the center is shape #610.

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The Cowan Pottery Museum Deaccession Auction - Article from the Maine Antique Digest with prices from an auction of Cowan Pottery.

Biography of Waylande Gregory; 1905-1971 - Designer at Cowan, designer of Nautch Dancer.  For more examples of his work for Cowan & others, visit http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Suite/5662/index.html

Cowan Pottery Museum Associates is to enhance and maintain the creative heritage of Cowan Pottery.

Cowan Pottery Museum at the Rock River Library, near Cleveland Ohio.  There are two different links to try which have different information:  http://www.rrpl.org/rrpl_cowan.stm and http://cowan.rrpl.org/main.php

Mark Bassett - The co-author of Cowan Pottery & the Cleveland School, has pictures from his personal collection.